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The Art of Chopin

« This will be our reply to violence: to make music more intensely, more beautifully, more devotedly than ever before. »

Leonard Bernstein

“The Art Of Chopin”, a work by Elizabeth Sombart includes a set of live performances, an album release and a short movie.

The project intends to bear witness to the significance of the artist’s role as an alternative to destruction and hatred.

Elizabeth Sombart

A propos

This work is the result of a lifetime as a performer, from large venues to the most unusual places, where people are in pain.

The project shows the power of classical music and carries a message that belongs to everyone.

It reminds us that it is the role of artists to transfigure vileness, destruction and hatred in a gesture of beauty, harmony and fraternity.

Elizabeth Sombart

Dear friends, I am delighted to share this unpublished pastel of our beloved Chopin, painted in 1831 short after set foot in Paris by a young painter, Jean de Majer.

All of my musical career has been lighten up by wonder and gifts.

This portrait is part of the former, given to me by my mother to whom I give thanks to have given me birth, dedication for the piano and a great appreciation for Chopin.

Elizabeth Sombart